25 years ago, a group of dedicated doctors transformed the GP medical qualification in Romania into a “clinical specialty” and achieved the “independent” status. This meant the start of a three year GP residency program. Later, the GP became FD (Family Doctor). Six years of general medical education (university) and three years of specialized training (residency in family medicine) have been since needed to become a family medicine specialist. Since 1990, we have been helped by colleagues from the UK, Holland and France to develop our training curriculum, research skills and organizations.


Representing Romania in Wonca Europe Networks and Collaborative Organizations, supported by SNMF:

Dr Rodica Tănăsescu

WONCA Europe Council Member for Romania

Dr Loredana Piloff

European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice EQuiP

Dr Gindrovel Dumitra

European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (IAB) EURIPA

Dr Răzvan Miftode

European Academy of Teachers in General Practice EURACT

Dr Mihai Mara

Vasco da Gama Movement (Young and Future GPs) VdGM