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WONCA member since 1994.

Royal College of General Practitioners     

On June 29th 2010 RCGP, SNMF/MG and SMR-UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Download Memorandum.

Dr. Rodica Tănăsescu, președinte SNMF Dr Rodica Tănăsescu, president of the National SocietyWONCA Europe Council Member for Romania
Representing Romania in Wonca Europe Networks and Collaborative Organizations, supported by SNMF:
Dr. Răzvan Miftode, secretar SNMF Dr Răzvan Miftode
European Academy of Teachers in General Practice
Dr Loredana Piloff European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice EQuiP
Dr Mihai Mara 
Vasco da Gama Movement (Young and Future GPs)
Dr Gindrovel Dumitra
European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (IAB)