Working Groups

SNMF is organised in departments and working groups. There are two types of working groups and a group of junior family doctors.

Working Groups of the Professional-Scientific Department

Immunization Working Group
Created in 2012, the IWG of the National Society of Family Medicine consists of 9 dedicated practicing family doctors, certified as trainers, members of ESPID, WONCA and EURACT, working in urban and rural areas, from all regions of Romania. Its purpose is to increase the quality of immunization activity in Romania. During the past years, IWG developed the following activities:
– debates and round tables at local, regional and national conferences for family doctors (debate at Wonca istanbul here: (
– oral presentations and posters at international and national courses and conferences (ESPID International Training Course – 1st prize for poster; National Conference of Epidemiology and Microbiology, RoVaccin, WONCA Europe)
– workshops for family doctors and also for journalists on vaccination topics
– articles and debates in medical and nonmedical media
– chapters about vaccination and communication in family medicine in the new residency curriculum for family doctors ( page 32, 34
– annual national campaign for WHO’s World Immunization Week since 2013 (campaign page)
– online CPD courses for doctors on the e-learning platform of the National Society of Family Doctors (
– online CPD courses for nurses on the e-learning platform of the nurses (
– answering questions from patients about the myths about immunization on a dedicated blog.
– translation and adaptation of the ECDC Guide: (EN) and (RO)
– website for patients (
– answering questions from patients about the myths about immunizations on the biggest pro-immunizations goup on Facebook (60.000 participants):
Site: (Romanian) and
Presentation movie – click hereRespiratory Working Group (RespiRO)
Created in 2013, it is the first joint group of SNMF with CNSMF.

Ultrasound Working Group for Family Medicine (UWG)
Created in 2014, the UWG of the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine consists of 20 family doctors practicing ultrasonography with competency and certified in general ultrasound, working in urban and rural areas, from all regions of Romania.
UWG headquarters is in Timisoara, on Capitan Damsescu street no. 40, having as national coordinator and founding member Dr. Iacob Mihai (family medicine MD, pediatrics specialist, trainer of family physicians and general ultrasound).
The group’s activity:
A. The general objectives of the „Ultrasound Working Group” 
1. Research on General ultrasound, the development of national and international multi center studies.
2. Medical education / training to improve general ultrasound and ultrasound development of modern techniques among family physicians (focus groups, workshops, conferences, symposia, courses on ultrasound topics , Tele-medicine, ultrasound guidelines, medical publications, ultrasound books).
3. Management of the Group’s activities and results.
4. Collaborations with other specialties (multidisciplinary) within national and international medical societies: SRUMB, EFSUMB, WONCA, EGPRN and EURACT.
5. Dissemination of general ultrasound information among family physicians
6. Basal courses in general ultrasound for family doctors without general ultrasound certification.
B. Specific objectives of the „Ultrasound Working Group”: 
1. Identifying information needs / medical education / training / research for the development of general ultrasound among family doctors.
2. Establishing topics or themes of ultrasound study on the specific problems of family doctors (Screening, Diagnostic, Therapeutic).
3. Specific projects making – (screening, analysis and dissemination of information, research, continuing medical education or continuing professional development)
4. Dissemination and implementation results to family doctors for conducting clinical studies into the evidence-based medicine.

Technical Working Groups for the improvement of healthcare legislation

Service provision framework contract with CNAS („Contract-cadru”)
Administrative / Bureaucracy
Therapeutical protocols, chronic disease management
National Health Programs, Public Health issues
Young Family Doctors’ Group (tineriMF)
Created in 2011, the group is joined by family medicine trainees and family doctors in their first 5 years after completing their training. Its members participate in international activities organised by the Vasco da Gama Movement (Wonca Europe’s network for new and future GP/FP) and diseminate the knowledge gained after returning in national and regional conferences. Starting from 2014, new regional coordinators of the group have been appointed to help engage more members and create more regional and national activities.Site: (Romanian)